Transformers Generations Selects Magnificus

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Transformers Generations Selects Magnificus

Take note of the Concussion Rifle stored in this corner of the tray.

Once the Military Consul for the Decepticon domain of Mebion, Magnificus was framed and wrongfully convicted. Sent into pit-fighting arenas, Magnificus becomes a highly skilled fighter and escapes. Swearing revenge on those who framed him.

The figure is a retool redeco of Studio Series 86 Perceptor.

Magnificus has the unique ability to actually to pull microscopic objects through his matter-enlarging scope and increase their size.

Magnificus can open up his chest panel in robot mode, to act as a diagnostic screen on occasion.

He comes with his Concussion Rifle.

When in robot mode, Magnificus can actually use his shoulder-mounted microscope as a powerful light cannon.

Microscope mode.

The Concussion Rifle can be pegged onto the side of the microscope mode for storage.

Mortar Cannon mode.

Same as with the microscope mode, the Concussion Rifle can be pegged onto the side.

Overall, a decent retool of Perceptor. I was actually expecting Hasbro to roll out this homage to the old Diaclone colors of Perceptor sooner or later and they did it pretty quick this time around.

Admittedly, this one is for the diehards of the line and not for everyone. I actually only got this to wrap up the Diaclone deco Transformers sub-line. While I do wish it came with his usual partner-in-crime Ga’mede (aka Microman), I’m fine with just this figure in my collection.


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