Transformers Generations Selects TF Kingdom Galvatron

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Transformers Generations Selects TF Kingdom Galvatron

The set comes a unique sticker set for Galvatron, this is in case you want to recreate his look from the Japanese Studio Ox designs from the vintage books and promotional materials. Pretty cool. Though I opted to pass on using these, as I got this set specifically for the Marvel Comics look and the stickers would just not fit the motif IMHO.

Based on an alternate reality version of Galvatron in the Marvel Comics run, where Unicron was successful in destroying planet Cybertron, Galvatron II was given control of Earth as a reward by his master. This version of Galvatron would later be plucked from his timeline and supplanted into the main Transformers universe, to a time before Cybertron was destroyed, to carry out Unicron’s bidding yet again.

The figure is a redeco of War for Cybertron: Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron.

Since he’s basically a redeco of the previous release, Galvatron comes with the same accessories, including the Matrix of Leadership (still on a chain), and his side cannon attachments.

The Matrix’s color is green this time around to recreate the look of the Marvel Comics version of the Matrix.

Particle Cannon

Side Cannons combine to form a larger weapon.

When not in use, the side cannons can be mounted on Galvatron’s back.

With the Kingdom deco Galvatron.

In the Marvel UK comics continuity (and later in the IDW Regeneration One continuity), Galvatron actually battled Ultra Magnus! Written by Transformers veteran scribe Simon Furman, their fights often went down hard and heavy and involved brutal hand-to-hand combat as opposed to just shooting it out. Great stuff! Too bad these battles are only limited to the Marvel UK comics saga (and some Studio Ox promotional art). In the Sunbow G1 season 3 cartoons, Galvatron never even fought with Magnus and more often than not, just fired pot shots at Rodimus Prime from a distance. Boo!

In their final battle in the Regeneration One saga, Magnus came out on top!

The Matrix can be hung around the particle cannon on the alt mode.

Throwback faux “rubsign” sticker pre-applied.

Side cannons can be mounted for extra firepower in cannon mode.

Overall, for a redeco, it’s not too shabby. But, since it’s a Generations Selects figure, it is a bit more pricey than his Kingdom counterpart. Personally, I do wish the plastic here had more blue shade instead of white / gray colors to make it more similar to the Marvel Comics look, but it is what it is. I’m really just glad to have a representation of the historically “more bada$$” Galvatron in toy form to match up against Ultra Magnus.


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