Transformers Kingdom Battle Across Time Mirage & Grimlock

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Transformers Kingdom Battle Across Time Mirage & Grimlock


Prior to the great war, Mirage was a member of wealthy elite “upper class” back on Cybertron. While he sides with the Autobots, he isn’t fully committed to the heroic cause and would rather not sully his hands in battle. This is the reason why some of the Autobots don’t fully trust him.

This version of Mirage is a retool of the Siege figure.

While he still comes with the C-20 Electro-Disruptor Cannon/ rocket launcher, because of the changes in the mold, Mirage’s shoulder cannon can no longer be mounted onto his shoulder to make it facing forward. Good grief Hasbro!

The rocket and the launcher can still be equipped on Mirage’s fists though.

W-15 Armor-Piercing Rocket-Dart Launcher

Dual wield

Sigh, you can opt to just put the shoulder cannon on his shoulder, as it can just sit there, but it will fall off when you move the figure.

So close, Hasbro, so close.

Weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.


This figure is based on the conceptual vintage Beast Wars Grimlock toy released back in the original toyline, itself a redeco of Dinobot.

The toy is a retool of Kingdom Voyager Class Dinobot.

In the Beast Wars cartoons, Dinobot uses eye beams for long distance targets. I would assume Grimlock would have the same weapon loadout too, if he had appeared in the show.

Cyber Slash tail weapon.

The sword can be removed from the tail section.

Opening jaw for the dino mode.

Overall, a bit of a disappointing 2-pack. I was hoping there was a work around for Mirage’s shoulder rocket (there is actually, but you would need a spare W-5 Gyro Blaster from Red Alert or Sideswipe) and Grimlock really should’ve been clone Dinobot instead, at least that way we could’ve added one more Predacon to the roster. Not really what I was hoping for with this 2-pack. Thankfully it’s not that hard to get this Amazon exclusive set.


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