Transformers Kingdom Battle Across Time Sideswipe & Skywarp

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Transformers Kingdom Battle Across Time Sideswipe & Skywarp

I love how the two sets’ boxes combine together to form this image.


A daring, reckless “jock”, Sideswipe is skilled as he is rash. Often charging into battle with no care for actual tactics, Sideswipe takes any injuries he sustains because of his brash actions in stride.

The figure is a retool of his Siege figure.

Take note that both of Sideswipe’s weapons are painted this time around. So be careful when handling them.

Of particular issue is the peg for the shoulder rocket launcher. Expect the paint to peel off from repeated plugging and removal of this post. I wish they didn’t paint this part at all.

Shoulder Rocket Launcher

Laser Gun

Dual wield.

Weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.


Unlike his classic evil Decepticon namesake, beast Skywarp is a heroic member of the Maximals in Beast Wars II. A disciplinarian and teacher for young Lio Junior, Skywarp could original combine with him and Santon to form Magnaboss in the Beast Wars II cartoon and toyline.

The figure is a retool of Kingdom Deluxe Class Airazor.

Like Airazor, Skywarp comes with wrist-mounted rockets for weaponry.

In the vintage Hasbro US toyline release, his name was changed to “Prowl”.

Weapons are mounted on the sides of the legs in beast mode.

Overall, pretty decent. I think I enjoyed this set more compared to the Mirage and Grimlock set. This 2-pack was sold as an Amazon and Hasbro Pulse exclusive. Plus Sideswipe is better designed than Mirage and captures the cartoon aesthetic almost perfectly, so this set gives more bang for the buck.


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