Transformers Kingdom Commander Class Rodimus Prime

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Transformers Kingdom Commander Class Rodimus Prime

The box is the standard Commander Class sized box. Measuring 13 x 11 x 3.75 inches in dimension.

Weapons can be mounted onto the vehicle mode.

I really miss the silver paint on the wheels that came with Hot Rod.

Annoyingly, I can’t get the halves of the trailer to close flush. It’s much worse with the cannons loaded inside.

The tailgate on the trailer can be lowered.

I really love seeing these faux “hydraulics” on the toy.

The cannons can be stored inside the trailer, but it’s really next to impossible to close up the trailer with the cannons inside.

The cannons can also be mounted on top of the trailer.

Black smoke effects parts.

Smoke Belching?? For shame Rodimus Prime, for shame…

The smoke effects can also be plugged into the pipes of the non-trailer mode.

The effects parts are actually packed together in one baggie. For some reason, the black parts rubbed off on the blue. I didn’t think these are even painted?

Flame effects parts for the exhausts.

The bottom of the trailer can be pulled out to function as a storage tray for accessories.

Rodimus Prime

Once called the “most powerful of the Primes” in the Marvel Comics run, Rodimus Prime is the first to rush into battle, preferring to get the job done himself than to burden others. He can also tend to be hot-headed at times, a leftover trait from his Hot Rod days. As leader of the Autobots after Optimus Prime’s passing, Rodimus feels unworthy of the title and sometimes suffers from lack of confidence in his role.

The transformation is a bit tricky, there’s a tab you’re supposed to fold inside the body to get the upper torso into proper position to get the body to line up flush. This is what it’s supposed to look like.

Due the design of the head and chest, even though the head is on a ball joint, getting the figure to look down is next to impossible.

The smoke effects can be tabbed into his forearm mounted blasters.

Rodimus Prime comes with his Photon Eliminator rifle.

Effects parts can be added onto the end of the rifle.

I think it’s really cool that apart from Rodimus’ hands having some articulation, his index fingers can actually point.

The Photon Eliminator Rifle can also be pegged onto his back.

Lastly, as a bonus weapon, Rodimus comes with the Sword of Primus, a weapon from the IDW Comics Transformers Regeneration One comics run, which is meant to be a continuation of the original Marvel Comics 80’s Transformers comics saga. Hot Rod found the sword along with the Covenant of Primus in a secret chamber in the tunnels underneath Cybertron.

Naturally, he also comes with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Lastly, Rodimus Prime can ride on his trailer and utilize the huge cannons on it.

Comparison with Earthrise Optimus Prime.

Comparison with Studio Series 86 Hot Rod.

Hot Rod in vehicle mode can fit inside the trailer front.

“Arise Rodimus Prime…. “

Interestingly, the effects parts for the matrix are different for each figure.

With Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron

“This is the end of the road, Galvatron!”

I am really impressed Rodimus can lift up Galvatron.

“Light our darkest hour.”

Overall, this by far is the best Rodimus Prime figure we’ve ever gotten. As far as this set goes, it pretty much ticks all the boxes. There are some design/ QC issues with the trailer, as it just cannot close flush. Also, I do wish there was some way to incorporate the trailer into the transformation, since we’ve never seen Rodimus separate from his trailer during transformation unlike Optimus, but is what it is. Despite some negatives, this set still has a ton to offer. I actually enjoyed this more than the Masterpiece 09 Rodimus Prime.


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