Transformers Kingdom Core Class Rattrap

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Transformers Kingdom Core Class Rattrap

I gotta say, the artist’s take on Rattrap on the packaging makes him look like a real disgusting rat.

Being the smallest member of the Maximal team, Rattrap makes up for it by being the wisecracking “mouth” of the group, usually to the annoyance of the other Maximals. Being an explosives expert, this brave little guy can carry enough ordinance to take out most Predacon installations before the enemy realizes what’s happening.

He comes with his rifle.

Rifle can be pegged onto his back.

Rattrap stands roughly 3.75 inches tall.

With his “big bot” leader, Optimus Primal.

Beast mode (a rodent)

His rifle can be pegged onto the rear side of his beast mode.

Overall, a pretty good figure. I was originally planning to skip this and go with the older Legends version but seeing as how it scales very well with the rest of the Kingdom Beast Wars figures in person, it just made more sense to go with this version in order to maintain the scale for the Kingdom Beast Wars series.


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