Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Blackarachnia

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Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Blackarachnia

Random collectible “Golden Disc” card (Blackarachnia)

Make sure to get her accessory from the back of the box.

Originally a Maximal protoform, Blackarachnia was reformatted by Tarantulas into a Predacon. Cunning and always working an angle to usurp the seat of power from Megatron, she eventually joins the Maximals thanks to the influence of Silverbolt.

The figure really looks good! The designers knocked this one out of the park in terms of looks. Sure beats the previous Takara Legends version in terms of screen accuracy.

She comes with her “Poison Anchor” missile cannon weapon, which can also fire a grappling hooks.

In the Beast Wars CGI cartoons, her usual attack is her “Neo Round Machinegun” attack, which Shoots projectiles from the tips of her spider legs in robot mode.

With Kingdom Leader Class Beast Megatron. I think the scale looks about right?

Beast mode (Black widow spider)

I love how her claws tuck neatly into these posts to secure the transformation.

Her Poison Anchor can be pegged on the underside of her beast mode.

Overall, pretty good. The transformation is very decent and not too hard to pull off. She looks very good in both modes to boot! Practically giving the Takara Legends and MP versions a run for their money IMHO. Definitely one of the better toy versions of this character at mass retail.


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