Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Pipes

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Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Pipes

Brave, tough, yet friendly, Pipes is one of the more likeable Autobots around. His most defining trait, though, is that he’s a collector of sorts. He like to collect worthless Earthen junk and knick-knacks and store them in a makeshift museum in an unused corner inside the Ark.

Pipes is a heavy retool of Huffer.

Pipes’ main weapons are his twin exhaust pipes mounted on his forearms in robot mode. His pipes are capable of emitting corrosive gasses that dissolve can 2” steel in minutes.

The same with Huffer, Pipes can also connect and tow Earthrise/ Kingdom’s Optimus Prime’s trailer around in vehicle mode.

Overall, another pretty good updated Minibot added to the ranks. I think with the exception of Gears and Swerve, they pretty much did everybody. Let’s hope Gears and Swerve happen sooner than later.


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