Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Red Alert

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Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Red Alert

Surprisingly, this figure does not come with the Golden Disc card.

The Autobot’s Security Director, Red Alert’s sensors are always on alert for the slightest sign of trouble from the Decepticons. Unfortunately, this means he’s always high strung and paranoid of everything.

The figure is a redeco of Kingdom Sideswipe from the Battle Across Time 2-pack with Beast Skywarp.

He comes with his Particle Beam Rifle.

As usual, his shoulder cannon is made up by combining “W-10 Photo-Pulser Proton Launcher” (the rocket tip) with “W-5 Gyro Blaster” (the launcher).

The rifle combines with the lightbar to form the “RT-10 Particle Beam Circuit Welder”.

Weapons can be mounted on vehicle mode.

I think this may well be the best Red Alert we’ve gotten yet, in terms of sculpt and general color scheme. For the most part, the vehicle and robot modes are G1 accurate. The down side is that the color of the arms miss their mark and follow the G1 toy aesthetic instead. Oh, Hasbro…


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