Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Road Rage

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Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Road Rage

Since she’s a Target exclusive, she does not come with the collector card.

Weapons are stored behind the tray.

Road Rage is the bodyguard for the Autobot Ambassador, Crosscut. Generally cheerful and well liked, she unfortunately has a glitch in her system causes her to drive uncontrollably fast, angry and violent whenever she is in her alt mode, living up to her name. She does feel very embarrassed afterward, when she converts back to robot mode.

The figure is a retool/ redeco of Kingdom Deluxe Class Tracks and was a Target Exclusive release in the US.

Unlike Kingdom Tracks, she can rotate her head fully without a problem.

She comes with her Plasma Discharger rifle.

Magnabomb launcher backpack

Alternate “flying” vehicle mode.

With Kingdom Tracks

Overall, another fine female Autobot added to the collection. This figure has slightly tighter joints than Tracks and her head can rotate without any problems from the backpack post (ugh… that figure was a mess). I’d recommend getting this figure more than Tracks, really. Now to hope Hasbro releases Crosscut so we can pair her up with him.


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