Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Warpath

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Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Warpath

Collectible “Golden Disc” card (Blackarachnia)

Remember to get his shield accessory from the back of the tray.

Loud and boisterous, Warpath tends to always interject his sentences with onomatopoeia (the naming of an action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it). One of the more heavily armored Autobots, Warpath is nearly indestructible. His cannon can fire a wide range of various projectiles, ranging from thermal, cryogenic acid and even sonic munitions.

His shield can be mounted either on his shoulder or on his arm, in tank mode, it serves as an underside cover for the front of the tank.

I sure wish the figure came with some blast effects. He seems kind of bare without anything included considering the price point and the shield doesn’t really do anything for me.

It’s cool that the cannon can be elevated but remember to pull the barrel out all the way to prevent snapping the inner part before elevating it.

Overall, while I am glad we’re getting an updated version of Warpath, the Deluxe Class price point and lack of any real accessories for this guy just somewhat takes the fun out of it. At least he looks more screen accurate than the previous versions.


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