Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Waspinator

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Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Waspinator

Weapon is stored in the back of the tray.

One of Megatron’s most loyal Predacons, Waspinator always humbly serves his leader. Unfortunately for him, Megatron (and everyone else) sees him as expendable. Waspinator has a penchant for always being in the wrong place at the wrong time, usually getting caught in explosions or suffering severe damage, it’s practically a running joke in the original Beast Wars series. He is incredibly durable though, as he’s one of the last few survivors of the Predacon team after the Beast Wars ended.

He comes with his “Stinger Blaster” as his only accessory.

In one episode in the Beast Wars series, Waspinator was possessed by the spirit of Star Scream. Everything happens to this poor guy.

Overall, a fairly decent figure of Waspinator. While it doesn’t come with much other than its Stinger blaster, it fits in better in terms of scale with the other Predacons than the previous Generations release. All that’s left now is to open Terrorsaur and wait for Tarantulas to complete the original Beast Wars Predacon team.


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