Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron

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Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron

Created from the wrecked remains of Megatron after his final battle with Optimus Prime, Galvatron is forged! Originally a flawless, unstoppable lord of destruction, Galvatron becomes mentally unhinged after being submerged in a plasma bath on the planet Thrull following his battle with Rodimus Prime at the end of the Transformers 1986 movie. He becomes a cruel, insane, vicious madman without care for friend or foe alike.

I had hoped this guy would come with opening hands like Prime and Rodimus, but alas…

Of course, Galvatron comes with his iconic “Particle Beam Cannon”.

He also comes with a pair of “side cannons” that resemble his ship, the “Revenge” from Transformers the movie.

The side cannons can be pegged together to form a larger weapon.

They can also be pegged onto his back.

Lastly, he comes with a “chained” Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

The Matrix can actually be removed from the chain. It’s actually a modified version of the Matrix that came with Earthrise Optimus Prime and Kingdom Rodimus Prime.

Early production units of Galvatron came with the figure’s shoulders misassembled, resulting in the shoulders being lower than they should be. They can be easily fixed but requires some patience and a good set of spudger tools to pop the halves of the shoulders open to get the job done. Thankfully, my unit came in without that particular issue.

Galvatron tends to look a little stocky though due to the design of his legs and large chest.

I love the fact that this crazy alt mode comes with rolling wheels underneath.

The side cannons can also be pegged onto his “Galactic Cannon” mode and the Matrix can also be hung onto the barrel of this mode as well for added visual effect.

With his old “body” (Earthrise Megatron).

With Studio Series ’86 Hot Rod. “Puny Autobot” really fits the bill, I never realized Hot Rod was so small next to Galvatron until this image.

Heralds of Unicron!

Overall, I love it!!! Finally!! After so many decades, we finally get an official Galvatron release from Hasbro/ Takara Tomy that looks fairly close to the animation models. The downside is that it comes with some “weathering” paint applied to the chest (grrr…) and he does look a bit stocky thanks to the oddly proportioned legs (particularly when he’s standing up straight), but he still looks incredible! Especially when compared to the older releases of this character in the Generations line.


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