Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Megatron (Beast)

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Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Megatron (Beast)

Random collectible “Golden Disc” card

Originally a simple, low-level Predacon that sought to reclaim the glory of the Decepticons, he gives himself the name of his “hero” and steals the Golden Discs containing a message from the original Megatron from the vaults on Cybertron, traveling back in time to change his present.

Supposedly, a running change was made and later versions of Beast Megatron had a grimacing face sculpt similar to the original toy? I’ve never seen any here in Manila.

Similar to the old Beast Wars Megatron toy, the Dino head and tail cannot be removed from his arms, unlike the Masterpiece version.

Hip cannons, though we rarely see him use these in the cartoons.

His tail can be used to crush his opponents.

Interestingly, he’s taller than Earthrise Optimus Prime??

Beast Mode (Tyrannosaurus Rex)

The dino mode is made up of several panels that are rubbery to give the beast mode a more realistic “feel”. Interesting design choice. Hope the material doesn’t crack and crumble over time.

Sadly, some of the panels just can’t close up right, so there are visible gaps in the dino mode.

Beast Megatron can still fire lasers out of his mouth in his beast mode.

With his arch enemy, Optimus Primal.

Pretty cool that Primal can actually lift dino Megatron without any assistance.

Personally, I will never understand how Beast Megatron was never able to crush Optimus Primal. He’s bigger and stronger in both modes, in a direct fight, there’s just no way Primal should be able to beat him unless there was some trick involved?

Overall, pretty good. The figure itself does not come with any accessories, but it is fun to handle (unlike the MP version). For a mass retail Beast Megatron figure, this guy ticks all the right boxes, he’s big, he’s fun, reasonably priced and looks really good next to the Beast Wars characters (except for some gaps in the dino mode).


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