Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Ultra Magnus

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Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Ultra Magnus

My random character card features Megatron.

As Autobot City Commander, Ultra Magnus is in charge of operations on Earth in the year 2005. A brave soldier, yet uncomfortable with being a leader, Ultra Magnus follows orders to the letter.

The figure is a retool of War for Cybertron Siege Ultra Magnus.

Magnus comes with his “Stethoscopic Detector Rifle”.

While he does come with shoulder rockets, I don’t think he ever used them at any point in the cartoons?

Heh, every time I see G1 Ultra Magnus, I’m reminded of that horrible, horrible Nintendo Famicom Transformers game that was near impossible to beat. I really hope whoever made that game is made to play through it 10x a day for a good decade as penance.

His armor pieces come off to reveal a white Optimus.

This mode only appeared in the G1 toy, we never, ever actually see this in the cartoons or original comics (it was featured in the Dreamwave comics runs though).

Dad-bod Magnus?

Weapons can be mounted on the truck mode.

With Earthrise Optimus Prime

With Siege Ultra Magnus

Overall, the most G1-accurate Ultra Magnus figure by far, easily beating out all the previous versions! It just seems like the whole Earthrise/ Kingdom/ Studio Series 86 lines are finally giving us the proper modern renditions of G1 characters that we’ve been clamoring for decades for. I really can’t ask for anything more from an “affordable” mass retail release figure.


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