Transformers Kingdom Maximals Group Shot

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Transformers Kingdom Maximals Group Shot

When the Transformers WFC: Kingdom line was first teased, I figured the line would be moving into Beast Wars teritory. I had no desire to get them at first, as we already just gotten “updated” versions in the Generations line.

But then, a funny thing happened. These newer molds scaled better with each other, plus the lineup was more complete thanks to the addition of Airazor and Tigertron. So eventually I found myself completing this little group. I was surprised how satisfying it was to get the whole gang together, without much difficulty or having to pay crazy prices for exclusives (I’m looking at you, Earthrise). I would have to say, this turned out better than I first expected. I do wish they did Cheetor better and that he at least came with a gun, but all in all, it feels good to get everything together.


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