Transformers Kingdom Titan Class Ark

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Transformers Kingdom Titan Class Ark

The box is pretty big, following the standard Titan Class box dimensions, it spans roughly 24 x 14.5 x 6 inches.

Too bad I forgot to dig out Core Class Megatron to do this shot. Ah well…

Remember to check the carton “fillers” for the wing sections of the ship.

The wings clip onto the sides of the ship, like so.

Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor Mode.

The Autobot’s deep space starship. The Ark is referred to as the most powerful starship in Cybertron’s history (Marvel Comics continuity). After the Decepticons raided the ship while the Autobots were on their way to Earth in search of Energon, the Ark crashed into Mt. St. Hilary, in what would one day become Portland, Oregon.

In ship mode, the Ark spans 15.5 x 16 inches in dimension.

While I love the general look of the Ark mode, these huge gaps on the side are just too obvious to ignore!

Landing skis

The ship’s exterior features Particle Combustion cannons scattered all over its hull, unfortunately, none of them are moveable, they’re all fixed in position. Drat…

Ship’s bridge

Good grief.. another huge gap. C’mon, Hasbro…

For the life of me, I can’t get these tabs in the middle of the ship to lock in. It’s super annoying to see. Luckily, there are worse gaps all over this thing to distract you from it.

The set comes with effects parts similar to Siege Jetfire’s that can be plugged into the 4 Hyperfuel Intake Accelerator engines.

I really love the various shades of blue for the engine nozzles.

I think most of us are going to pose the Ark vertically, just like in the opening act of the first episode of “More than Meets the Eye”, or alternately, in its “crashed into a volcano” pose.

For play features, the ship mode features a spring-released access ramp which can accommodate most Legends and Core Class figures.

Nice “pistons” for the ramp.

For an idea of proper scale, here’s mini Optimus (included with this set, a redeco of the one that came with the Centurion Drone pack) next to the Ark. In the comics, the Ark was able to house 300 Autobot crewmembers, but can operate with only a handful of staff, everything was pretty much automated.

How the Ark more or less looked like throughout the series (eventually got demolished to bits by Trypticon in season 3).

The “True” main bridge of the ship.

Opening up the front of the ship exposes the internal bridge. Included is a navigation globe showing the Earth. You can plug in Optimus Prime and 5 more Autobots from the “Behold Galvatron!” Unicron companion pack to fully populate the bridge (though all of the Autobots in that set only featured the core cast of the ‘86 movie all in unpainted gray deco).

The entire bridge can be pulled out.

Once you pull out the bridge, you can put a Core or Deluxe Class figure inside.

Once the bridge has been removed, you can see inside the windshield unobstructed from the outside.

The guts of the machine?


Originally introduced as a non-transforming “Action Master” in the G1 toyline, Mainframe functions as the Autobot’s system analyst. As a highly intelligent computer expert, he prefers to do complex equations rather than deal with Decepticons.

Mainframe features light-piping gimmick for his visor.

Personally, I find his blocky arms super cumbersome, they just get in the way of posing this guy.

Too bad Mainframe doesn’t come with any weapons.

A big part of me wishes Hasbro somehow was able to work in the red and blue colors of the vintage Mainframe toy into this set. Ah well…

Standing at 6.5 inches, Mainframe is pretty tall for a Deluxe Class figure.

Teletran-1 mode

In this mode, you can see two Golden Discs hidden behind the console. Featuring “Sounds of Earth” records on one side and Cybertronian glyphs on the other.

Sky Spy satellite

The satellite used to scan for new forms for the Transformers to use millions of years after they crashed.

Unfortunately, there’s no where to plug the satellite into from the front. Your best bet is to balance it on top of the console, even then, it’s hard to do at times.

The Arkbot (The Last Autobot)

The robot mode’s features are heavily based on the “Last Autobot” character from the original finale of the Marvel Comics run, a being that Primus (Cybertron) created as a final gift to protect and guide the Transformers after his final battle with Unicron. In the War for Cybertron animated Trilogy, the Arkbot does make its appearance in the Kingdom arc of the animated series.

Sigh… another huge gap, couldn’t they have included a flap or something to cover this??

In robot mode, the Ark stands roughly 19.75 inches tall and weighs 2080 Grams.

I really don’t like the way the hands were done for this figure, particularly with regards to the thumbs. They could’ve been done better IMHO.

The ratchets on the shoulder joints are extra hard to move.

I really wish the turrets could be turned around.

The effects parts can be plugged into the turrets as well, but they are a bit big so they will stretch the effects parts out, possibly making them unable to connect to other figures later on.

While the Last Autobot is big and imposing, the lack of any weapons for it to wield somewhat limits your pose options.

Comparison next to Titan Class Omega Supreme.

Next to Teletran-1

With Mainframe.

Next to mini Optimus Prime.

Lol.. Prime’s so tiny..

Overall, not bad, but I do wish Hasbro did more with the Ark itself, since that’s what we’re going for. The addition of a bot mode and the Mainframe figure are nice, but I would’ve been fine not having those options and instead settle for an immersive experience with the ship itself, rather than the add-ons for it. I guess it all depends on one’s perspective. As far as Titans Class figures go, this is probably on the lower end of the list for me.


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