Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus

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Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus

Random collectible “Golden Disc” card (Optimus Prime)

Cyclonus’ wings come mistransformed to make him fit into the box. This is what his wings are supposed to look like.

Fiercely loyal to Galvatron, Cyclonus serves as his commander’s right hand man, often taking charge of the Decepticons in battle whenever his master loses his grip on his sanity (which happens a lot).

I can’t say I’m a fan of the small feet design this guy comes with. Nowhere near how his feet looked in the cartoons

He comes with his “Oxidating Laser” weapon.

“Oxidating Laser” can be mounted on his vehicle mode.

Overall, the most cartoon-looking Cyclonus figure yet. He’s taller than the Generations/ Henkei version, and has better proportions than the Unite Wars version. Not really liking the smaller feet here though, but I guess it is what it is. I also love the fact that everything closes up nicely to cover any visible hollow parts on the figure.


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