Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Inferno

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Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Inferno

I got Dinobot again for the random collectible card.

To recreate his cartoon look, simply flip his fist around to reveal a plughole for the nozzle.

The two hoses can be plugged into each leg.

The water cannon is supposed to be mounted here.

Brave and heroic, Inferno charges into any fire without regard for his own safety, especially if there’s someone that needs saving. Thanks to his body being made of heat-resistant alloy, he can withstand most high temperatures. He is usually seen partnered with fellow Autobot Red Alert.

Inferno is a retool of Earthrise Grapple.

Interestingly, the box shows paint apps on his hips but none on the actual toy, drats…

He comes with his classic “Extinguisher Rifle” (it’s the same mold as Grapple’s rifle).

His weapons can be pegged onto the ladder in robot mode.

His Extinguisher Rifle can be mounted on the side of the fire truck.

The ladder can be extended.

Overall, I really like this figure over Grapple. I think it’s because of all the added parts that make this figure really look like his G1 cartoon counterpart and stand out from Grapple. It’s taken Hasbro a long time (since 1984??) to finally give us a proper modernized Inferno based on the G1 cartoons and I’m glad to finally have it.


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