Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Optimus Primal

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Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Optimus Primal

Random collectible “Golden Disc” card (the Ark)

Leader of the Maximals, Optimus Primal heads a rag tag group of heroic Transformers that got dragged back in time while trying to stop Beast Megatron from escaping Cybertron with the Golden Discs. Optimus Primal is brave and noble, same as his hero, the original Optimus Prime, guiding his team through the unknown while trying to stop Megatron and his Predacons.

Unlike previous versions, which were generally retools of the original vintage Optimus Primal figure, this one is a whole new sculpt that captures the look of the character very well in both modes, particularly in terms of proportions.

I have to say, I’m impressed at how clever this simple design choice is to make the feet have slightly more range of movement.

I really dislike the large gap on the chest here.

Primal comes with his twin swords.

The swords can be mounted on his back when not in use.

He also sports his hidden forearm cannons.

Aside from his forearm cannons, Primal also has hidden shoulder cannons that fold out of his back.

With his hero, Leader Class Earthrise Optimus Prime.

Beast mode (Primate)

Unlike most of the previous Optimus Primal figures, this one can actually stand upright.

With his arch enemy, Beast Megatron.

Pretty cool that Primal can actually lift dino Megatron without any assistance.

Personally, I will never understand how Beast Megatron was never able to crush Optimus Primal. He’s bigger and stronger in both modes, in a direct fight, there’s just no way Primal should be able to beat him unless there was some trick involved?

Overall, pretty good. It’s done fairly well for both modes (often the Beast mode falls short in some way in previous versions) and he scales nicely with the rest of the Kingdom line. I do hate that big freaking gap on his chest and I do wish Hasbro did something to fix it. Sigh…


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