Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Rhinox

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Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Rhinox

Intelligent, strong and highly dependable, Rhinox is the best there is. Often the Maximal’s “miracle worker”, Rhinox always comes through in times of crisis for the Maximal team.

I really like the addition of a butterfly joint for the shoulders to this figure.

Gatling guns

The guns can be pegged onto his backpack.

While I get that the guns had to be more compact to fit into the beast mode, I do wish they were a bit bigger. The LG/ Thrilling 30 Generations version had more impressive guns.

Openable jaw.

The gatling guns are stored awkwardly in between Rhinox’s hind legs. Yeesh.

Overall, a decent Rhinox figure. I was originally going to pass on this guy since I had already gotten the “Thrilling 30/ LG-EX” version, but I eventually gave in since the Beast Wars characters that have appeared in the Kingdom line scale really well with each other. It’s also nice to finally have the full Maximal team (pre-Transmetals) all together under the same toyline since the classic series.


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