Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Tigertron

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Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Tigertron

The first protoform to land on the planet following the crash of the Axalon, Tigertron usually prefers the cold, silent environment of the north than stay with the other Maximals at their cozy headquarters. In the Beast Wars series, he and Airazor share a brief romantic relationship, prior to being abducted and experimented on by the Vok.

While he is larger than Cheetor, they share the same basic transformation and design elements.

Tail whip

Tiger cannon

With his partner, Airazor.

It’s a shame these two got captured and eliminated by the Vok before we could see where their relationship could’ve headed. Sad.

Jaw can be opened in beast mode.

Lol.. OK, so we can say the gun may be an afterthought at this point. It sure looks silly like that.

Overall, not bad. It’s definitely better than Deluxe Cheetor, mostly due to the addition of the gun and better proportions. With this figure, I think we’re done with the Maximals for the modern era toyline, as the core team prior to the Transmetals saga is already complete.


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