Transformers Legacy Commander Class Motormaster

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Transformers Legacy Commander Class Motormaster

Wow…. that is a serious waste of space…

Motormaster comes with all of his accessories equipped onboard. There is nothing to look for in the tray, except for the unit itself.

The trailer features flip-down struts, for when Motormaster disconnects from the trailer.

A cold and cruel tyrant of the road, Motormaster keeps his Stunticon team in check through real fear. This heartless Decepticon also loves exploiting the psychological weaknesses of his own soldiers, pushing them to become even more effective in the field.

Yeah, this really feels more like Motormaster than the previous combiner Wars version.

For weaponry, Motormaster can use Menasor’s Ionizer sword.

While the set does not come with Menasor’s Cyclone gun, Motormaster can use the huge cannon that’s meant for his trailer’s base mode.

In a brand new concept for the character, Motormaster’s trailer can flip open to reveal a battle station.

Lastly, you can actually now form Menasor even without the other Stunticons. Motormaster forms the upper torso and head of the gestalt.

Menasor stands roughly 12 inches in height.

I’ll do a proper Menasor write-up when we finally get Breakdown in hand to complete the team.

Overall, I love it! It’s the best representation of Motormaster we’ve ever gotten and the Menasor mode is just a huge step forward from the old Combiner Wars version. It looks really close to the G1 cartoon models in all modes. While I really dislike the way the box eats up so much space, I guess you can use it to put all the other Stunticons in there if you take the filler out. I also do wish it came with a proper “Cyclone Gun” for Motormaster to use.

Supposedly, there are reports of Motormaster being prone to premature yellowing, with some units having splotchy yellowing on the white parts right out of the box. I really hope this doesn’t happen to my copy.


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