Transformers Legacy Core Class Iguanus

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Transformers Legacy Core Class Iguanus

Iguanus is so obsessed with his Pretender shell that he almost never takes it off. Iguanus also considers himself as a giant lizard more than a robot, usually having misguided kinship with reptiles. His eyes can fire hypnobeams that can give him complete control of his target, provided they are foolish enough to stare into them.

He comes with his Hurricane Air Blaster/ Energon claw shield as his only accessory. This can be combined with the other accessories included with Core Class Hot Rod and Skywarp to form a big sword.

Hurricane Air Blaster can be mounted on the alt mode.

Overall, not bad I guess? It is a bit annoying to see this guy tower over the other previous Pretenders we got from the Power of the Primes Prime Master subline, which totally ruins the scale, but at least it can transform into a proper vehicle. I’m really curious if Hasbro will complete the Pretenders lineup in this size.


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