Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Beachcomber

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Beachcomber

Be sure to check the back of the package for his weapon and the paradise parakeet.

As the Autobot’s geologist, Beachcomber is equipped with an array of sensors for detecting special properties and valuable resources in bedrock. He abhors war and tends to be laid-back, preferring to wander off by himself instead of joining others. While generally a pacifist at heart, he will join the fight against the Decepticons if absolutely necessary.

In the G1 cartoons, his sensors were located mostly in his optic visor.

As an added accessory, he comes with the “Paradise Parakeet”, a supposedly rare or extinct bird that he encounters in the episode “The Golden Lagoon”.

The bird is made from rubbery PVC so it’s a bit gummy to hold. It’s also somewhat hard to plug into his hand but it’s easy to plug into a slot on his shoulders.

(Psst… Hail Hydra…)

Generally a pacifist who hates fighting, Beachcomber usually likes to spend time exploring the planet (by himself) and take in the sights and wonders of Earth.

.. But when it’s time to defend something important, Beachcomber doesn’t shy away from what needs to be done. He comes with a new “Machine Gun” type weapon, instead of the tradition “blasters”.

Big shout out to Miguel Luiz Gomez Pigao for the headsup about the gun being the bumper on the vehicle mode. The assist is greatly appreciated. 🙂

Beachcomber’s machine gun can be mounted on the roll cage in vehicle mode.

Surprisingly, the tires are also made from rubbery PVC.

There’s also a slot for the Paradise Parakeet to peg into for the alt mode.

Overall, a pretty good figure. The transformation is really straightforward and fun and the addition of the parakeet is a nice surprise (just be careful not to lose it). Easily the best Beachcomber figure yet. Hopefully we get Gears and Swerve soon to round out all the G1 Minibot crew in modern tooling.


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