Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Crankcase

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Crankcase

Remember to check the back of the tray for the accessories in the paper pack.

A whiny ingrate, Crankcase enjoys complaining about everything. As a member of the Triggercon Trio, Crankcase joins battles equipped with heavy-duty cannons for massive firepower. He functions as a Data Collector for the Decepticons.

For some reason, the shoulders on my copy tend to pop off very easily.

Crankcase comes with an Energon Blaster/ High-Impact Laser Blaster

For novelty, Hasbro decided to give Crankcase a new weapon, the “Front Grill Blaster”.

Admittedly, it’s not the greatest execution of a weapon accessory IMHO.

While the figure does not have his original “Triggercon” gimmick or oversized shoulder guns, he does come with some smaller cannons than can be flipped out for representation.

More like tiny pistols now, huh?

His Energon Blaster can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Overall, not bad. While they didn’t fully recreate the original G1 toy here, I love that they were still able to include the shoulder cannons on this guy. I’m actually very surprised Hasbro is starting on the Triggercons. I guess we’ll see modern updates of the rest of the team at some point? Hope so.


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