Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Elita-1

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Elita-1

Take note of the accessories taped to the back of the tray.

Once a simple working-class bot before the war, Elita One would become the leader of the resistance on Cybertron, leading the remaining Autobot forces against the Decepticons following the disappearance of Optimus Prime and his crew aboard the Ark. Fearless, strong and cunning, Elita is often seen as the female counterpart to Optimus Prime.

The figure is a “pre-tool” for the upcoming Legacy Minerva.

While the official images show her to have all of her backpack kibble out (mostly as a nod to the design for Minerva), you can actually fold them all down to keep the kibble out of view.

You can also opt to do a different configuration for her backpack, for variety.

She comes with twin Energon Blasters.

I kind of wish they didn’t use clear parts for her weapons.

The guns can be pegged together to form a super weapon.

Elita comes with a lightbar accessory that resembles the top of her helmet.

Her lightbar can be pegged onto her back.

Lol… Don’t forget the light bar. It’s actually quite accurate to her vehicle mode’s appearance based on the G1 episode she appeared in; too bad the rest of her vehicle mode is just all wrong in terms of screen accuracy. Oh, Hasbro….

Energon Blasters can also be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Lol… the problem with shell-formers… Yikes…

Overall, not too shabby. I was originally planning on skipping this one since we had just gotten the Netflix Elita-1 figure so recently and the backpack on this one really stuck out like sore thumb. I eventually gave in when I realized the backpack pauldrons could be compressed down and hidden out of sight. It actually looks nicer than the Netflix now in this configuration. The head of the figure is also the most G1 cartoon-accurate sculpt for this character yet for the entire toyline.


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