Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class G2 Universe Leadfoot and Masterdominus

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class G2 Universe Leadfoot and Masterdominus

Build-a-hammer piece for the cardboard hammer. This set comes with the mounting base for the hammer.

Leadfoot/ Hot Foot

Cool under pressure, this speed demon easily charges into Decepticon territories undetected thanks to his insane speeds while in alt mode, as well as his sensor-deflecting armor which deflects enemy radar. Functioning as the Autobot’s “rapid defense” specialist, Leadfoot quickly dispatches his enemies with his powerful weaponry, before moving on to the next target objective.

The figure is a redeco retool of Earthrise Mirage.

I really love the metallic blue paint on this figure, hopefully it won’t fade over time.

C-20 Electro-Disruptor Cannon/ Rocket Launcher

Like Mirage’s version, the rocket can be removed from the launcher and held as a separate weapon.

W-15 Armor-Piercing Rocket-Dart Launcher

Dual wield!

As decent as this figure is, I do wish it came with a big blue “Rotor Force” propeller to make it closer to its G2 toy design from back in the day.

Both weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.


A new recruit to the Wreckers, Masterdominus is a heavy powerhouse that knocks over all in his path.

The figure is a heavy retool of Kingdom Ractonite.

The bony mastodon tusks can be equipped onto the left arm as a melee weapon.

While the little bone stumps on the right arm are supposed to be blasters I guess?

Take note that some of the connections are really loose on this guy. It’s just mess of a figure for me.

Since Masterdominus is a Fossilizer, you can take him apart and reassemble him as an armor and weapons system on Leadfoot.

Overall, fairly decent. I only got this set for Leadfoot, since the line has started to go into the Generation 2 character lineups, which I don’t mind getting. I do wish Hasbro included a blue propeller “Rotoprop” for Hot Foot as a throwback to the old toy and “complete the look”, but I guess they can’t be bothered to do that (sigh..).

I can’t say I enjoyed Masterdominus in the set, as I never really got into the Kingdom Fossilizers and I found that concept too silly as a whole. It’s worse when you encounter the loose connections on the actual Masterdominus figure. It’s just a mess.

This set was an Amazon exclusive, along with the rest of the Wreckers “Wreck N’ Rule Collection” subline.


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