Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Goldbug

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Goldbug

In the finale of the original Transformers Season 3, after Superion is infected with the hate plague, he battles his fellow Autobots, heavily damaging Bumblebee. With the help of a Quintesson under orders from Optimus Prime, Bumblebee is reborn into a new body as Goldbug.

The figure is a retool and redeco of War For Cybertron Netflix Bumblebee, with some parts from Earthrise Cliffjumper.

Goldbug comes with twin blasters.

The bazooka’s gun stock can be pegged directly into Goldbug’s shoulders.

Like his mold-mates, Goldbug’s backpack can be removed and repurposed as a shield.

Likewise, same as his mold-mates, the guns and parts can be merged together to form a bazooka-type weapon.

Ready for action!

Do note that with the backpack removed, and everything equipped to the arms, the shoulders have a tendency to split open (they’re held together better with the backpack on). I don’t recall having this problem with other variations of this mold earlier. Hmm…

In the IDW Comics continuity, Goldbug is a separate character from Bumblebee, but is still a member of the Throttlebots subgroup.

Similar to the actual vintage Volkswagen Beetle’s design, the sideview mirror is only present on the driver’s side.

The bazooka can be mounted on the vehicle mode like so.

The weapons can also be taken apart and reassembled underneath the vehicle mode to serve as skis.

Overall, a pretty decent redeco. I just wish it was easier (cheaper?) to get. This was originally released as a part of the Target Exclusive “Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide” 4-pack alongside three Insecticons (Scorponok, Ransack, Skywasp) in the US. I opted to save some money and just get this guy loose and solo off Ebay, since I have no use for silly, non-canonical redecos.

I wonder if they’ll release the other Throttlebots somehow? The only other Throttlebot we got in modern form is Legends Class Chase (Roadburn) from the Titans Return series.

Sidenote: The 4-pack only has one manual for all four characters, I believe. So not all sellers offer the manual for Goldbug packed in with the loose figure.


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