Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Kickback

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Kickback

As a Decepticon espionage agent, Kickback can work his charming personality around most humans and bots, all while slowing digging up information he can use to blackmail or influence his “friends” later on. Cunning and cruel, this two-faced Insecticon is as dangerous as they come.

Heh… Hasbro cut back on the paint apps for this guy’s feet I see.

Pretty good details on the wings. They’re clear plastic though, so be mindful they don’t break when you transform the figure after a few years down the road.

Kickback comes with his iconic sub-machine gun, which is capable of firing 300 rounds per minute, according to the G1 toy bio.

The sub-machine gun can be posted onto his back for storage.

As with the rest of the figures in the Legacy line, this set comes with clear “Energon weapons” unique to this character.

The sub-machine gun can be stored away underneath his thorax.

The Energon blades can also be equipped onto his wings in insect mode.

Overall, pretty good. This is essentially the first time we’re getting a Deluxe Class version of the Insecticon that’s truly based on the original G1 designs (the War for Cybertron video game figures had a Deluxe Class Kickback back in the day) and I have to say, the figure certainly works better next to the current scale of Decepticons that Hasbro’s been using since Earthrise. Here’s hoping Hasbro releases the other two Insecticons in this scale too soon.


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