Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Red Cog

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Red Cog

Note that the paper pack contains a LOT of accessories, make sure not to lose it!

Briefly featured in the War For Cybertron series, Security Officer (his official name in the show), is one of many background characters that make up the Autobot team. He helped Optimus Prime’s team escape an ambush by Impactor by transforming into his Weaponizer mode and combining with Sideswipe to clear a path. Later, as a part of the crew on board the Ark, this poor fella would be killed by an unfortunate encounter with Scorponok in the Earthrise chapter of War for Cybertron.

The figure is a redeco of Cog from the WFC: Siege line, meant to homage the red Cog figure that came with G1 Grand Maximus.

He comes with Cog’s standard dual RT-5 Circuit Welder pistols.

Unlike Cog, Red Cog comes with a whole mess of additional guns! These include Chromia’s RT-5 Anti-Thermo Blaster with detachable SR Hushfuze silencer, a modified, scaled-down version of Ultra Magnus’ RT-15 Stethoscopic Detector rifle with optional long barrel attachment to recreate its sniper mode, a medical/ wielding tool. Aside from all that, the set also comes with Combiner Wars’ Streetwise’s weapon, as well as an Energon vial and grenades!

RT-5 Anti-Thermo Blaster with detachable SR Hushfuze silencer (Arcee and Chromia’s weapon in the series. It’s the weapon on his right hand in the pic).

You can opt to plug in the triple barrel attachment to the RT-5 Anti-Thermo Blaster (recreating Streetwise’s gun?).

Ultra Magnus’ RT-15 Stethoscopic Detector rifle

It comes with the optional long barrel attachment to recreate the weapon’s sniper mode.

This doodad appeared throughout the show, occasionally as a medical gadget or a welding tool.

You can also add optional barrel attachments to create a new weapon as well.

An Energon vial, such as the one given to Soundblaster in the series.

It can also be reworked as yet another weapon attachment for the guns and posts in this set.

Wheeljack’s grenade.

You can split apart the grenade and have them peg onto Red Cog’s chest.

Lastly, the set comes with an original gun, this is supposed to be for Earthrise Arcee, which plugs into her back and becomes a mounting point for Cog’s Weaponizer mode.

Red Cog loaded for bear.

You can split Red Cog apart to recreate his classic G1 Gasket and Grommet modes.

You can combine both units in their alt modes.

You can load everything onto the alt mode as well.

Finally, similar to Cog, Red Cog/ Security Officer still functions as a Weaponizer, so he can be taken apart and reassembled into a weapons system like we see in the WFC series.

Defensive mode.

Offensive mode.

Overall, pretty good for a redeco. I mostly got this just to pair him up with the Takara Legends EX Grand Maximus, but I love the fact that this guy actually got screen time in the War for Cybertron series (tragic as it was).

Likewise, the amount of additional guns for this set are crazy and I love it!! It bucks the trend of just plainly re-releasing a figure in a different color with nothing new added in terms of playability.

This figure was sold in the US as a Target Exclusive. It also carried a higher price point than the usual Deluxe figures due to the insane amount of additional guns included with it.

I wonder if we’ll see a Green Cog later? I personally wouldn’t mind getting one, since he and Red Cog were seen often in the series backing up Prime and the other Autobots.


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