Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Skids

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Skids

The Autobot team’s Theoretician, Skids usually spends his time daydreaming and understanding the Transformer race’s place in the grand scheme of things. I guess he daydreams so much, he rarely arrives on time for battle? Skids only appeared in two episodes in the original G1 cartoon series. Armed with several weapons, Skids is also a capable warrior in battle.

Remember to always flip in the wheels on Skids’ heels. They usually come mis-transformed out the box for some reason. I actually missed this on my first go around too.

Skids comes with his Liquid Nitrogen Rifle and Twin Electron Blaster. Both of which can be mounted on his forearms, just like on the original G1 toy.

Both of his weapons can be combined into a single blaster.

As a part of a new gimmick for the Legacy toyline, Skids also comes with an Energon Axe.

All of Skids’ weapons can be combined together to form a super weapon.

Skids’ weapons can be mounted on the roof and sides of the vehicle mode.

Alternately, the combined super weapon can also be mounted onto the vehicle mode.

Overall, I’m happy with the figure. It’s a huge improvement over the last Generations Skids figure that we got a while back in terms of G1 accuracy (the previous mold followed the IDW comics continuity design). With this release, I think we’ve finally gotten all of the original 1984 Autobot “carbots” in modern era sculpts and design. Finally!


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