Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Skullgrin

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Skullgrin

Remember to check the back of the tray for the accessories in the paper pack.

Brutal and uncontrollable on the battlefield, this Decepticon leaves a large trail of destruction wherever he goes. Full of rage, he only communicates by grunts and snarls.

In the vintage line, Skullgrin’s “bot mode” personality was highly intelligent and preferred smarter approaches to attacking Autobots, while in his Pretender mode, Skullgrin became a mindless, battling beast.

Skullgrin comes with two sets of weapons.

Either set can be mounted on his back.

While the remaining set can also be mounted on his shoulders.

Skullgrin default guns are called his Double Slagmaker laser.

His second set of weapons are called metal-rending Vibro swords.

The swords can also be used as projectile-launching weapons.

This marks the first time a Transformers Pretender is included as a Deluxe Class-sized figure in the Legacy line. Skullgrin is without a doubt, the biggest Pretender character in the modern line so far.

The turrets are actually adjustable in tank mode.

Overall, not bad I guess. I was never really into the vintage Pretenders (it never made a lick of sense to me), but at least this new version takes certain elements from both modes of the vintage toy to make a new, amalgamated, more believable character.

The only downside is that the inclusion of this guy in the Deluxe Class size totally ruins the scale of the other pre-existing Pretenders figures, since Iguanus and Bomb-burst are only Core Class figures. Bummer…


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