Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Tarantulas

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Tarantulas

Remember to check the back of the packaging tray for the accessories.

Sociopathic, sadistic and cruel, Tarantulas is the Predacon crew’s mad scientist. Always hatching up new ways to perform weird, unnatural experiments in his lair until he’s summoned by Megatron. Secretly an agent of the Tripredacus Council, Tarantulas has no real loyalty to Megatron’s cause, only to the council’s agenda of altering the timeline so that they may rule present day Cybertron.

In the cartoons, similar to Blackarachnia, Tarantulas can fire projectiles from the tips of his spider legs in robot mode. You can actually recreate this here with the right effects parts plugged into the spider legs.

Tarantulas comes with a crossbow weapon.

As an homage to the Transmetal version of Tarantulas, Hasbro included a buzzsaw accessory that resembles that version’s weapon.

Both the crossbow and the buzzsaw can be combined to form a super weapon.

In spider mode, the crossbow can be plugged into the figure’s butt.

The buzzsaw can also be stored underneath the figure in spider mode.

Overall, pretty good. This is by far the most show-accurate version of this character and he scales well with the other Predacons. He’s also pretty much made from all new tooling and doesn’t share parts with Blackarachnia, which was surprising.

All that’s left now is to get Inferno and we’ve got the main Predacon crew together.


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