Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Velocitron Burn Out

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Velocitron Burn Out

Note the accessories are packed in a paper bag located in the back of the tray.

The weapons can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Likewise, the super weapon can also be mounted on top of the alt mode.

Stoic and determined, Burnout (Burn Out) can also be at times, considered stubborn by her fellow Autobots. She joins in the Speedia 500 Race on Velocitron in the hopes of becoming the planet’s next leader. However, due to her alt mode’s lack of real speed, she hardly even finishes the race in the top three.

The figure is a redeco of Legacy Skids with a new head sculpt.

Remember to flip in the rear wheels to flatten the robot mode’s heel.

As a new gimmick for the Legacy line, “Energon Weapons” are included with each figure.

When not in use, the Energon Weapon can be stowed away on the robot’s back.

Ideally, Burnout should have her guns mounted on her forearms and not held by her fists, just like in her original Diaclone toy.

Liquid Nitrogen Rifle

Twin Electron Blaster.

Like Skids, both of her guns can be combined to form a new weapon. The Energon weapon can also be used as a melee axe weapon for Burn Out.

Lastly, all of the weapons can be combined to form a new super weapon.

Overall, a pretty cool redeco of Legacy Skids (even though Burn Out was the original color scheme for Skids way back in the Diaclone series). Granted the recolors in the Transformers toyline are not for everyone, since not all of them appeared in the G1 cartoons, so the mileage of getting this redeco may vary. Still, I think we’re pretty close to completing the original Diaclone recolors at this point. I think the only one missing now is DK-3 Breaker (blue Trailbreaker, incoming), a yellow Trailbreaker and a blue Hoist to wrap up the original Diaclone Carbots?


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