Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Velocitron Cosmos

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Velocitron Cosmos

Take note, the weapon accessory is packed under the tray.

The flag accessory can be pegged into his blaster to function as a flagpole.

Unfortunately, Hasbro cheaped out and the checkered flag is only painted on one side. Grr…

The flag can be mounted on two various positions on the saucer mode.

Functioning as a recon scout and an occasional communications satellite when in orbit, Cosmos lives a lonely life, since none of other Autobots (save Omega Supreme, Skylynx and Jetfire) can fly up into outer space to accompany him. As a result, Cosmos spends most of his time trying to pass his boredom by zig-zagging around meteor showers or playing tricks on unsuspecting humans.

As part of the leftovers from this design’s transformation, Cosmos has really big hind feet.

I love the transformation of his head, instead of the obvious “pull up the red button” transformation from the G1 toy, the whole upper plate of the robot mode flips over to reveal the head. Smart.

Being one of the few Autobots that can fly and travel into outer space, I guess it can be excused that his alt mode hardly gives him cover as a “robot in disguise”. Still… his alt mode’s lack of “blending in” when on Earth is funny when you think about it.

He comes with his blaster. I honestly can’t recall him having a blaster in the old cartoons (I don’t even remember him every shooting at any point in the cartoons). But at least its something rather than nothing.

For the Legacy release, Hasbro opted to make him a flagman for the Velocitron 500. So his blaster doubles as a flagpole for his checkered flag accessory.

Dang it, Hasbro, why you gotta be so cheap and just paint one side of the flag?? C’mon…

Overall, hands down, it’s the best G1-looking Cosmos we’ve ever gotten in the modern line. It totally blows away the previous Generations versions and is actually quite fun to transform. I just wish the flag was painted on both sides. Sigh, Hasbro…

I also wish it was easier to get this guy. As part of the Walmart exclusive Velocitron 500 wave, Cosmos was short-packed as one unit per case. I got lucky with a tip from friends on where to grab one when a local mall branch had a single case restocked (Thanks, Ken and Simon!). Supposedly, he will be re-released as a character-specific solid case, but time will tell.


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