Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Velocitron Road Rocket

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Transformers Legacy Deluxe Class Velocitron Road Rocket

Note the accessories are packed in a paper bag located in the back of the tray.

Road Rocket’s shuriken/ Energon Blade can be split up and placed in various positions in the alt mode.

A female Autobot ninja, Road Rocket is always eager for action. She usually pushes her engines into the red line, making them glowing hot, as she races headlong into any battle. A headstrong loner by nature, she tends to act on her own without consulting fellow Autobots, often with disastrous results.

The figure is a retool/ redeco of Legacy Deluxe Class Arcee from wave 1.

Make sure to tab her torso pieces in properly all the way until they click and lock into place, otherwise the torso will tend to flop around a lot.

The Energon blade can be posted on either of her forearms.

Her front wheel can also be removed from her back and split open to reveal a crossbow-type “blaster” weapon.

In the original G2 vintage toyline, Road Rocket was designated as a male Autobot. He would later on be changed into female character instead starting in the 2019 IDW Transformers continuity.

The crossbow can also be positioned into her back to recreate a closer look based on the vintage G2 toy design for this character, you just have to remove the front section of the bike.

Overall, not too shabby.


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