Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Bombshell

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Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Bombshell

Be sure to check the back of the tray for the accessories.

Interesting note, for some reason Hasbro dropped the use of paper twine to bind figures and went back to plastic ties to hold them down with this latest wave. Cost cutting measure?

Twisted and sinister like his fellow Insecticons, Bombshell takes great delight in subduing his enemies with his Cerebro-shells and then making them debase themselves in front of him. An expert in psychological warfare, Bombshell uses every advantage to humiliate those that oppose him.

The figure features some reused parts from Shrapnel, notably the forearms and legs.

Bombshell comes with his Twin Ion Impulse Blaster.

His insect legs can be mounted onto his blaster to form a superweapon.

In the cartoons, Bombshell fires his Cerebro-shells from his head-mounted mortar, allowing him to take control of his opponents and reducing them to mindless slaves.

Similar to Shrapnel, his rear insect mode legs have to be manually attached to the body to complete the transformation.

The Twin Ion Impulse Blaster can be mounted on top of the insect mode.

Overall, a pretty good release. While it’s a heavy retool of Shrapnel, it’s still great. Best of all, we finally complete the Insecticons! The scale of these figures also work well with Masterpieces if you never got the Third Party releases, so it’s all good.


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