Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Shadow Striker

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Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Shadow Striker

Be sure to check the back of the tray for the accessories.

Like the rest of her wave-mates, Hasbro dropped the use of paper twine to bind figures and went back to plastic ties to hold them down.

A ruthless and vicious Decepticon warrior, Shadow Striker decides to take action her own way, without regard for orders from her commanding officers.

I’m fairly sure this is a “pretool” for an upcoming Robots In Disguise 2001 Sideburn figure at some point. Which is nice since her first action figure (released at the OTFCC event back ni 2003) was a redeco of Sideburn.

A female Decepticon more popularly recognized from the Cyberverse cartoons, Shadow Striker teams up with other female Decepticons, Flame War and Slip Stream, to create the “Team Stream” trio in the IDW comics.

Her alt mode’s roof becomes a forearm mounted shield for her in robot mode.

For weaponry, she comes with her bladed blaster, which doubles as a melee weapon.

The blaster can be stowed on her car door panels in robot mode.

Lastly, her bumper can be mounted on her blaster to recreate her missile launcher based on her Cyberverse toy.

Her bladed blaster can be mounted on the roof of her alt mode.

Overall, a fairly decent figure. It’s not what I was hoping for design-wise, as her proportions lack the usual slender female figure we saw with her Cyberverse and IDW look and she does look a bit out of place when you place her next to Takara Legends Slipstream and Legacy Flamewar, which is the main reason why I got her in the first place. Ah well.. I guess they can’t all be gems.


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