Transformers Legacy Evolution Voyager Class Leo Prime

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Transformers Legacy Evolution Voyager Class Leo Prime

Take note of the guns on the tray, make sure to remove them.

Chosen as the next successor to lead the Maximals as their Supreme Commander, Leo Prime (Lio Convoy) is a no-nonsense, stern leader. Preferring to stick to the strict, organized structure of military command, Leo Prime comes across as tough and unforgiving, but actually has a gentle, warm spark that cares for the welfare of all those under his command.

His missile blasters can be stored underneath his backpack.

Missile Blasters deployed.

You can also mount the Missile Blasters onto the flip out panels on his forearms.

By equipping the missiles onto the ports in the lion’s mane, you can recreate Lio Convoy’s “Lio Missile” attack.

You can also flip out the claws in robot mode to recreate the “Lion Claws” attack.

Lastly, you can open his left chest panel up to reveal the Energon Matrix. You can also place an effects part onto the peg where the “Matrix” is (the set doesn’t come with any effects parts).

With Earthrise Optimus Prime.

Sigh… the sculpt for the lion face looks REALLY sad…

You can also recreate his “Lio Missile” attack in beast mode as well.

Overall, pretty good. I like that it resembles the Beast Wars II Lio Convoy very closely (with the exception of the sad lion face in beast mode). While it’s highly unlikely I’ll be going after the rest of Lio Convoy’s crew from Beast Wars II in the event Has-Tak decides to go there, I am very happy with what they’ve given us here. It takes us one step closer to completing the “Supreme Autobot Commanders” in CHUGs scale.


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