Transformers Legacy Evolution Voyager Class Tarn

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Transformers Legacy Evolution Voyager Class Tarn

As leader of the “Decepticon Justice Division”, Tarn and his team hunts down Decepticon deserters and traitors to make harsh examples of them as a warning to others. Sadistic, cruel and fiercely loyal to the Decepticon cause, Tarn adorns a mask with the Decepticon symbol to hide the facial scars from his battle with Grimlock.

Originally, Tarn’s real identity is kept as a secret from the readers of the IDW comics. Eventually it was revealed that he’s an old friend of Optimus Prime named Damus (aka Glitch), whom Megatron had corrupted into joining the Decepticons just to hurt Optimus Prime.

While not technically a Leader Class figure, Hasbro was kind enough to give this guy openable hands.

As a huge follower of Megatron, Tarn wields a Dual Fusion Cannon, similar to his “hero”.

Unfortunately, Tarn’s bicep tends to fall out of place often due to the heavy Dual Fusion Cannon.

The Dual Fusion Cannon can also be reconfigured and mounted on his backpack.

Lastly, the Dual Fusion Cannon can be combined to form a longer cannon.

With Earthrise Optimus Prime and Megatron.

The tank mode’s turret can rotate.

Overall, a pleasant surprise in the Legacy line. The figure is very well done and looks really cool. While the Decepticon Justice Division characters aren’t exactly kid-friendly, they are quite menacing and therefore, cool to have as villains. I like this figure a lot! I hope we’ll see the rest of the DJD crew soon in the line.


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