Transformers Legacy Generations Selects Lift Ticket

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Transformers Legacy Generations Selects Lift Ticket

Hailing from the Pre-Transformers Diaclone toyline, Lift Ticket was the original color scheme for Hoist before he was changed to green for the original Transformers toyline. In the vintage Diaclone line, his original designation was “No. 8 4WD Wrecker Type”.

The figure is a redeco of Earthrise Hoist.

Full Spectrum Multi-Sensor

Same as with Hoist, he comes with an Arm Cannon.

Blaster can be mounted onto the side of the vehicle mode.

Lift plate for towing vehicles.

Homage to the old Diaclone “Wrecker type”.

Overall, pretty decent. It’s not really a must have since there’s no real character to base this guy off of in the original G1 toyline, but it is nice to get him just to round out the Diaclone-based recolor variants, there are only a handful left to go at this point (mostly the Skids redecos) before we can close the book on the Diaclone variants.


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