Transformers Legacy Generations Selects Titan Class Guardian Robot (Omega Sentinel) with Lunar-Tread

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Transformers Legacy Generations Selects Titan Class Guardian Robot (Omega Sentinel) with Lunar-Tread

Same as with most Titan Class figures, the box spans roughly 24 x 14.5 x 6 inches in dimension.

Lunar-Tread and seven effects parts are the Guardian’s only accessories.


Since this is an all-new character with no real bio included, there’s nothing to say about this particular Micromaster.

The figure is a redeco of Siege Micromaster Countdown.

Same as with Countdown, Lunar-tread in alt mode can be posted into the Guardian’s shoulder.

Guardian Robot / Omega Sentinel

Guardians were once the powerful peacekeepers of Cybertron. Lacking any sparks (save for Omega Supreme), these giants operated with only basic programmimng to protect the populace, lacking any true sense of self or higher functioning. They all eventually fell to Megatron’s overwhelming Decepticon forces over time. With only Omega Supreme being the last Guardian to survive.

The figure is a straight up redeco of Siege Titan Class Omega Supreme.

Since the Omega Sentinels were from the time before the Great Autobot-Decepticon war, this giant does not feature any faction markings (unlike Omega Supreme).

The Guardian Robot stands roughly 20 inches tall (21.5 counting the highest point of his wings).

Omega Sentinel features a neck joint, that can pulled up to allow clearance for the figure to look down.

In the series, the Omega Sentinels have similar weaponry as Omega Supreme, mostly firing large cannons from either of its massive arms.

His chest panels can be opened up to reveal various missile arrays.

Same as with Omega Supreme, seven effects parts are included with the set.

The effects parts can also be plugged in various sections of the Guardian Robot to simulate blast damage.

With Lunar-tread

Same as usual, to transform the Omega Sentinel, you have to take it all apart and reassemble the various units.

Omega Tank Mode

The tank’s cannons can be elevated.

Effects parts can be plugged into the cannons.

The tank’s main section can be opened up to load Micromasters!

You can securely fit Lunar-tread in place without him rattling all over thanks to these locks.

Blast effects fun.

Base mode

Guardian’s shin guards can be flipped open to reveal more pockets for Micromasters to hang out.

Rocket unit.

The rocket stands at roughly 24.75 inches tall.

The top of the rocket has a compartment for Micromasters to fit in.

Fully assembled base mode.

The fire blast effects can also be pegged all over the base mode components to simulate enemy fire.

Overall, pretty good. Omega Supreme was one of the best Titan Class molds and it’s great to revisit it. But I do wish they went with a more cartoon-accurate color scheme, the shade of blue seems a bit off? The E-Hobby GADEP had a more accurate carton color deco IMHO.

That aside, it’s still a great figure to have. I wish I had the space to get more of these guys. I wonder if anyone actually went into army building this?


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