Transformers Legacy Leader Class Blitzwing

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Transformers Legacy Leader Class Blitzwing

To justify the “Leader Class price tag”, Hasbro tossed in these optional weapon pieces, aside from the added cost of complex parts and tooling.

The optional pieces probably seem the most out of place in this mode.

Highly dangerous thanks to his ability to transform into three different, powerful modes, Blitzwing is one of the most feared Decepticons around. A strong yet, loudmouthed, arrogant and brutal war-freak, he is actually quite disliked by his own fellow Decepticons thanks to his behavior.

He comes with his iconic Gyro-blaster rifle, which disrupts its target’s sense of balance for 30 minutes.

While he never had two of them in the series or old toyline, Hasbro actually decided to put in two of them for this set. More bang for the buck?

Blitzwing also comes with his classic Electron Scimitar.

Lastly, the optional parts become “Energon Gauntlets”, that have removable “Energon fists” as an add-on.

Sadly, these feel quite inferior compared to the add-ons we got with Leader Class Astrotrain in the Siege line.

To equip the gauntlets, you’ll have to rotate the fists around first.

Overall, I like it. It’s definitely the most G1 cartoon accurate version of the character thus far in all modes from any Hasbro toyline, easily beating out the ones from Generations and Titans Return. A part of me does wish the purple colors were a bit lighter so that it looks more screen accurate, but is what it is. I am really not a fan of the Energon Gauntlets, they seem very tacky and don’t really do much. I would have preferred more guns or a weapons platform instead. Alternately, a cheaper price point would also be a nice trade off for the gauntlets, too.


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