Transformers Legacy Leader Class Galvatron

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Transformers Legacy Leader Class Galvatron

Remember to flip out these heels on the figure when you first open him up. Lol… I forgot about this myself until it was time to transform him.

Recreated from the badly damaged remains of Megatron by Unicron, Galvatron emerges! More ruthless and powerful than Megatron ever was, Galvatron still has the same ambition in mind, complete domination of the universe!

The figure is a complete reuse of Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron, minus the “weathering” paint deco.

I really wish they gave us this “clean” deco from the start. I don’t think anyone ever even wanted “weathering” on their figures, even back in the Earthrise line. Good grief Hasbro.

Galvatron comes with a “chained” Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Galvatron comes with his iconic “Particle Beam Cannon”.

He also comes with a pair of “side cannons” that resemble his ship, the “Revenge” from Transformers the movie.

They can be pegged onto his back.

Galactic Cannon mode

Side Cannons can be mounted on the Galactic Cannon.

The chained Matrix can also be hung on the cannon as well.

Comparison with the Kingdom “weathered” version.

The Particle Cannon is totally clear without any paint apps on the Legacy version.

Overall, it’s definitely much better than the weathered version. Hasbro really should’ve given folks this from the start. I understand that the weathering paint can be somewhat easily removed on the Kingdom version, but still, it feels different when you get it out of the box the way it’s supposed to be. I only decided to get this version while there was a weekend mark down at a local mall. No way was this worth the full SRP, which is 30% more now of the Kingdom version’s SRP, thanks to various global factors.


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