Transformers Legacy Leader Class Laser Optimus Prime

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Transformers Legacy Leader Class Laser Optimus Prime

Prime’s Energon Axe can be folded up and stored on the vehicle mode.

Prime’s Energon sword can be stored underneath the truck mode.

The trailer can be opened up to reveal a battle station mode.

Optimus’ weapons can be stored onto the base mode as well.

Double-barreled Cannon tower and repair bay.

Based on the original Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime bio, following a showdown with Megatron in sector 17 of the Mirtonian constellation, Optimus was left severely damaged. His entire structural integrity and logistical circuitry processors were re-programmed into a sleeker, stronger, combat-ready configuration.

In the Generation 2 Marvel Comics run, Optimus Prime never modified into this form, instead actually maintaining his original G1 body design throughout the 12-issue series. Megatron keeps his green camo tank body from his G.i. Joe crossover event in the G2 saga, though.

Prime’s shoulder pylons can open up to reveal missile pods.

Unlike the original vintage toy, which only had a sticker for representing the Autobot Matrix of Leadership through Prime’s chest, the Legacy version features an actual, physically removable Matrix.

Prime can even hold the Matrix, thanks to his articulated hands.

For weaponry, Optimus comes with his classic Energon Sword based on the original G2 toy.

If the sword wasn’t enough, Hasbro also included an Energon Axe for him to swing around as well.

You can combine both the sword and the axe to form a brand new super weapon.

Lastly, you can also detach the Double-barreled Cannon from the trailer and equip it for Prime to use.

Overall, a pretty good update to the old G2 Laser Optimus Prime figure. At least this time around he scales well with other Transformers, unlike the old vintage figures which had no real concept of balanced scaling to one another in robot mode. I do wish his eyes were painted though, as the lack of color or any light piping just really gives off a lack of face detail on the figure.


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