Transformers Legacy Leader Class Transmetal II Megatron

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Transformers Legacy Leader Class Transmetal II Megatron

In the original Beast Wars series, when Optimus Primal gained a new more powerful form after merging his spark with that of the Optimus Prime, Beast Megatron decided to follow in his arch enemy’s footsteps and managed to merge his own spark with that of the original G1 Megatron’s as well. Transmetal II Beast Megatron then emerges!

I never really understood why Beast Megatron turned into a fire breathing dragon just because he got G1 Megatron’s spark back in the show and fell into lava, but I guess the toyline needed it to happen?


The figure stands roughly 8.25 inches tall.

The set only comes with one accessory for this figure and that’s the flame effects piece. It can be plugged into the dragon head on Megatron’s left arm. … be used as a club for the right hand…? What?

Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit the whole thing seems silly. At least this is still a viable option for the accessory while Megatron is in robot mode.

In beast mode, Transmetals II Megatron eats up a lot of shelf real estate. He now spans 11 x 13 x 9 inches in dimension.

As a remnant of his first Transmetals form, Megatron retains his forked tail. In the series, it can be used to grab or even throw his opponents at great distances.

Of course, the flame effects part can still be plugged into his beast mode.

With Kingdom Leader Class Beast Megatron

I didn’t have time to pair him with Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus (I’ll have to revisit this later), but the latter is definitely still taller than Transmetals II Megatron.

Overall, a fairly decent set. It does a great job capturing the look of the original animation model and it certainly is a great update from the vintage toy. Plus, it’s awesome that we finally have something to pair up against Optimal Optimus from the Power of the Primes series.


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