Transformers Legacy Menasor

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Transformers Legacy Menasor

Stunticons form up!


Battle Station defense mode!


Incredibly strong and menacing, Menasor is raw, uncontrollable power unleashed! Created to be the perfect super warrior, Menasor’s greatest flaw is the internal psychological conflict between the four of the five personalities that all hate the team’s leader, Motormaster. This results in Menasor being slow and often easily confused in battle.

Menasor stands roughly 12.25 inches tall.

While you can attempt to slot the legs to face forward, it only gets you about halfway due to the new design of the connection ports.

Yeah…. that’s not really stable. I don’t recommend leaving the figure long in this state.

In combined mode, Menasor does feature a waist swivel.

Next to Earthrise Optimus Prime for an idea of scale.

For weaponry, you can use Motormaster’s sword.

You can also have Menasor use the large cannon.

Alternately, you can also set up the cannon onto the leftover trailer parts to form a weapons mount for the large cannon.

It doesn’t look as cool though, no?

Overall, I like it. It’s a step up from the old Combiner Wars design and Menasor looks less disproportioned. I love the general toon-accuracy of the individual and combined forms a lot. So hat’s off to Hasbro for revisiting this set and generally making it right this time around.

That said, I do wish we got a bigger sword for the combined mode and a proper “Cyclone Gun” weapon for Menasor, I guess we’ll have to rely on upgrade kits again. C’mon Hasbro…


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