Transformers Legacy SDCC 2022 “A Hero is Born 2-pack”

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Transformers Legacy SDCC 2022 “A Hero is Born 2-pack”

Alpha Trion

One of the oldest and wisest Transformers, Alpha Trion was instrumental in helping early Transformers rebel against their Quintesson masters. He would later become the keeper of the Matrix after Sentinel Prime was killed by Megatron during the second coming of the Decepticons. His greatest contribution to the Autobot cause would be saving and rebuilding a young Orion Pax into their greatest leader, Optimus Prime.

The figure is a heavy retool of Studio Series 86 Scourge.

Remember to flip out his heels to make him stand better.

He comes with the same “Disintegrator Ray” rifle as Scourge, minus the effects part accessory.

Alpha Trion also comes with Vector Sigma, the super computer deep in the heart of Cybertron that maintains the planet and giver of life to new Transformers.

As Vector Sigma is depicted as a floating orb, the set includes a clear base for the orb to plug into.

The set also comes with the activation key to Vector Sigma. As “keeper of the activation key”, it’s only right to have Alpha Trion come with it.

Vector Sigma’s key easily fits into Alpha Trion’s hands.

The key can be plugged into Vector Sigma’s north pole.

The Disintegrator Ray rifle can be mounted on the side of the alt mode.

Orion Pax

A former dock worker robot during the Golden Age of Cybertron, Orion Pax had admired the new breed of “flying robots” that started appearing on Cybertron. When their leader, Megatron came and attacked the Energon warehouse Pax was working at, the badly wounded Orion was saved by the Cybertronian machinesmith Alpha Trion and rebuilt into the greatest Autobot ever, Optimus Prime.

The figure is a retool of Studio Series 86 Kup.

With Alpha Trion.

With Earthrise Optimus Prime.

“Decepticons rock!”

Since the figure is based off of Kup, he comes with the same “Musket Laser” weapon.

Orion also comes with Kup’s Energon goodie dispenser (even though it never appeared in the show).

Lastly, since Orion is a reuse of the Studio Series 86 Kup, he still retains the removable body parts gimmick from that figure.

That time Orion got to meet the “cool” Decepticons….

…. and immediately regretted it…

The Energon goodie dispenser and Musket Laser can both be mounted on Orion’s vehicle mode.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this set. It’s the first time we’ve gotten an Alpha Trion that’s pretty close to the original cartoon model and the Orion Pax figure is the best one yet, makes me glad I didn’t go for the earlier Evolution 2-pack Orion Pax (retooled Generations Kup) that was bundled with War for Cybertron game Optimus Prime.


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