Transformers Legacy Selects DK-2 Guard

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Transformers Legacy Selects DK-2 Guard

Not much is known about DK-2 Guard, as no bio was included with the figure. It only serves as a reference to the old Diaclone toy that served as the basis for G1 Ironhide, the No. 2 Onebox Cherry Vanette. Even its name is a reference to the Diaclone numbering “DK-2”, or Diaclone (No.) 2.

The figure is a redeco of Earthrise Ironhide.

DK-2 comes with a blaster.

Similar to Ironhide, the roof of his vehicle mode coverts into a shield.

Shield can also be mounted on his back.

The shield also has cannons that can be deployed.

Lastly, the shield and blaster can be combined to form a weapons platform similar to the Diaclone toy.

The blaster can be mounted on top of the vehicle mode.

Overall, not bad. The reverse colors do work well. While it is disappointing that no bio was included for this guy, at least it gets us one step closer to completing the “Diaclone Era” redecos of the Autobots.


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